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Darling Erica, very impressive

During the cooler months many plants of the Erica family make a great showing in Tasmania.

One especial favourite Erica darleyensis  comes in pink or white and makes an excellent border plant flowering right thru winter.

Common on wild clay banks, not so often in garden situations, the native Erica, Epacris impressa does just that, impressing passers by with blossom also all thru winter.

Also an Australian native, Epacris longifolia is the one pictured with long white to red tubular flowers.

The South African Erica cerinthoides never fails to impress either, with masses of orange flowers winter and into spring.

Generally Ericas prefer acidic soils so no lime. Whilst the native ones are gernerally very drought tolerant, others such as Erica vulgaris, the Scotch Heather prefer not to dry out.

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